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About BimTad

BimTadFoods is the major provider of premium unadulterated African food spices, condiments, ingredients and grocery items. Due to the busy metropolitan lifestyle in the US, sourcing for African food items from the local stores can be time consuming, stressful, difficult and draining. At BimTadFoods, we take off the stress by providing convenient online shopping for African food items and groceries. We pride ourselves in the quality, freshness and hygienic nature of our products even when it is difficult to find in the regular physical stores. Our holy grail is to provide access to the best African condiments to families living in US with maximum efficiency.


  • Excellent Service Delivery

  • Certified Food Handling Process

  • Simple and Convenient Shopping Model

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Quality and Hygienic Products

  • Swift Delivery Within Two Working Days


To become the largest one-stop online store for African food ingredients and grocery items in the USA

To provide premium/ high end quality African food ingredients and grocery items to residents in the USA while providing 100% customer satisfaction

Why Us



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